Rotary Magazine Holder 10/22

Magasinhölster med plats för 6 st Ruger 10/22 "rotary" magasin.

10/22® Rotary Magazine Holder by Revo-Gear

Hand-formed mag holders hold six 10/22® rotary mags securely on your belt

Fits factory 10-round rotary magazines, magazines with “Companion” bumpers and “DoubleKross” magazine bodies

Keep spare magazines within easy reach - ideal for competition shooters!

The Ruger® 10/22® is a popular rimfire rifle for speed shooting sports, thanks to its affordability, reliability and customizability. Maintaining, transporting and organizing 10/22® rotary magazines for competition, however, can be a challenge.

With the popular Revo-Gear 10/22® Magazine Holder, however, you can take the hassle out of organizing and carrying your 10/22 magazines for rimfire competitions and make magazine changes easier.

The 10/22® Rotary Magazine Holder by Revo-Gear features six hand-formed ABS tensioned magazine holder to keep magazines securely on a shooting belt, while allowing the user to easily remove the magazine for quick reloads. The six-unit magazine holder slips easily onto a shooting belt, and fits most standard competition belts - up to .36 inches thick x 1.63 inches tall.

The 10/22® magazine pouch fits factory 10-round rotary magazines, rotary magazines with magazine bumpers, like the TANDEMKROSS “Companion” Bumper.