While the charging system of the CZ Scorpion EVO3 is unique and let’s admit fun to use, especially when the bolt is held open like an MP5 and other HK rifles, the handle is a bit on the small side. This can lead to a number of issues for users as some will grade knuckles on the integrated Picatinny rails and some will feel the handle is too small. The handle can seem uncomfortable and make it hard to charge the weapon or difficult in high stress scenarios (defensive or competitive).

Shooters Element has developed an answer that addresses all of these concerns and more when it comes to the CZ Scorpion EVO3 charging handle. First enlarging the handle by over 30% for more surface to engage when charging the weapon and took the handle to an overall size of just under 1.5 inches from the stock size of 1.1 inches.

Next we addressed the design and created a solution that allows for 2 different configurations. The end user can select to have the charging handle sent to them with either the flat or curved face forward for their convenience or may opt to change the configuration on their own as their shooting style dictates. With the flat face forward the rear cut out gives the shooter a place to rest their thumb for added leverage. We also created scalloped cuts in both sides to add texture to the charging surface for a more positive purchase on our charging handle.

Please note that the default configuration will be flat face forward.