TK "hiveGrip" Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory

Modell: TK23N0213BLK1
Lagerstatus: 2
At a glance:

Aggressively textured rubber for improved grip in any shooting condition

Patented impact and vibration dampening material

Ergonomic finger grooves for better control - ideal for speed and accuracy

The Smith & Wesson® SW22 Victory® pistol is quickly becoming a favorite for Rimfire Challenge and Steel Challenge competitions and other shooting sports. However, the rounded factory grips can be a challenge for competitive shooters who need a better purchase on the pistol when dealing with rain, sweat or gloves.

The new TANDEMKROSS "hiveGrip" for SW22 Victory® is the answer to your SW22 Victory® grips needs! Designed specifically with competitive shooters in mind, these flexible, yet durable rubber grips feature an aggressively textured surface for the ultimate purchase and control.

Defined, ergonomic finger grooves improve hand placement for more accurate, controlled shooting, while the slim, low-profile design ensures an ideal fit for any user. Made from patented impact and vibration dampening material, "hiveGrips" are an ideal upgrade for any shooting sports competitor.

These wrap-around grips are easy to install and remove for cleaning and firearms maintenance. Get a grip on your SW22 Victory® with the new “hiveGrips” from TANDEMKROSS! #swarmthehive