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The LSS-XL chassis system is a variant of our highly popular LSS chassis. The LSS chassis was designed for compact use, short barrelled rifles. A large amount of customers really liked the LSS chassis, but wanted to use a fixed buttstock, and use it with longer barrel systems.

This prompted us to design the LSS-XL chassis system which has a fore-end extended by 3" and is designed to accept fixed rifle stocks without the need of using any adapters. In addition the Lengt of Pull (LOP) is 1" shorter than the standard LSS, as fixed rifle stocks generally are longer than collapsible.

The chassis is designed with v-shaped bedding, allowing you to drop your rifle right in without the need for additional bedding. The bottom of the action housing has been kept round and close to the action without touching keeping maximum strength. The LSS-XL chassis will free float most factory heavy barrels.

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  • Modell: MDT-LSSXL 700LA-BLK
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