Cole-Tac Mirage Band

Mirage Band.

As the barrel gets hot when shooting, the heat from the barrel rises up and generates mirage in front of the scope’s front lens. Mirage interferes with one’s ability to see the target clearly causing you to miss the shot.

Cole-TAC Mirage Band really do help you to hit your target more reliably.

The mirage band is 40 mm wide and adjustable in length and it will fit barrels from 41-68 cm long. On the front end it has metal hook to attach it to the strap of your Cole-TAC suppressor cover and on other end D ring with synthetic cord to mount it to the scope base

Length: adjustable-will fit barrels 41-68 cm
Width: 40 mm
designed to fit Cole-TAC suppressor cover on a standard rifle
Color: Black, Olive Green, Coyote Brown
Made from high quality elastic webbing