MFT EXTREME DUTY Minimalist Stock

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Mission First Tactical Battlelink EXTREME DUTY Minimalist Stock

En stock som verkligen har imponerar med sin låga vikt och förmånliga pris! Sitter supertight på buffertuben utan spel och rassel!

Building on our popular minimalist platform we recognized the need for a more robust stock capable of withstanding long term abuse delivered by larger caliber firearms such as tactical shotguns of 12 gauge or 7.62X51 AR-10 while remaining nimble enough for use on a 5.56.
• Slide-on replacement for collapsible butt stock
• Angled non-slip rubberized removable buttpad allows faster presentation
• Multiple Sling Slots with single point mount points
• Quick Detach Sling mounting point is positioned in the rear
• Upper section provides enhanced cheek weld
• Single MLOK connection point
• Modular Buffer Tube Plunger System, reinforced with a metal chassis

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