MFT ENGAGE PISTOL GRIP (interchangeable straps)

Modell: MFT-EPGI16-BL
Lagerstatus: 19
Mission First Tactical ENGAGE PISTOL GRIP

Interchangeable textured finger swells (3) and back straps (3) provide a positive grip surface with wet or gloved hands and allow the user to customize the fit. A combination of fit and function unequaled by the originally supplied M16/AR15/M4/HK416 pistol grip

● Designed for M16/M4/AR15/HK416
● Any combination of interchangeable back straps and finger swells allow for a custom fit for any sized hand
● Grip angle replicates M16 while not affecting trigger contact
● Secure water resistant storage compartment
● Customizable storage system with quick access tab diminishes rattle

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