KIDD Picatinny Scope Mount

Lagerstatus: 8
-Aftermarket accessory for the 10/22®
-extends over the barrel 1 1/4" for increased eye relief
-low base 1/4" height

The scope base accessory for the popular receiver is offered in both black and silver. Our low scope base height is 5/16" (about 1/4") by 5 7/8" long and incorporates the Picatinny spacing system similar to the military spec. We chose the picatinny spacing so if customers have more rifles than scopes they can use the same scope ring spacing on more than one rifle. It works just like the Weaver style bases and rings you are accustomed to, only the slot spacing is identical for every mount made, no matter what gun it is attached to. Our low scope base extend over the front of the receiver for both function and fashion purposes. Function: the extension allows for greater eye relief. Fashion: the extended mount elongates the lines or contour of the receiver.

Package includes:
scope base
4 mounting screws
short arm hex wrench