KRISS LVOA Rail Section 7 Slot

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KRISS LVOA Rail Section 7 Slot

The KRISS LVOA Rail Section directly threads to your KRISS DMK22C-LVOA hand guard and is made from hard anodized aluminum. This rail section is perfect for mounting shooting accessories, such as foregrips, light mounts, and other accessories, onto your LVOA handguard.

This rail section is for use with the licensed LVOA handguard included with the KRISS DMK22 LVOA only and is incompatible with the standard KRISS DMK22 handguard, the KRISS Vector and Vector handguards.
If you have a DMK22 with standard handguard, please see the DMK22 Rail Section product.
For the Vector and its handguards, please purchase the KRISS Vector Picatinny Side Rail Kit.

The KRISS LVOA 7 Slot Rail Section measures 3" (76.2mm), and the KRISS LVOA 12 Slot Rail Section measures 5" (127mm) in length.

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