Grinko Solutions GS-BPC I Blaser

Modell: GS-BPC
Lagerstatus: 1
Grinko Solutions GS-BPC I-chassit för Blaser R8 och R93 erbjuder ultimat ergonomi och precision!

Utvecklat och tillverkat i Tyskland.

Grinko Solutions GS-BPC I

Unleash the full precision potential of the Blaser R8 och R93. The combination of high-strength aluminum and the multiple adjustment options ensures a perfect symbiosis between the weapon and the shooter. This makes the Blaser R8 perfectly equipped for precise shooting.

Blaser R8 Chassis
Our Blaser R8 chassis is designed for use with Blaser R8 Professional and Professional Succsess systems. The two trigger variants are of course compatible and can still be used. For this purpose, the system is removed from the plastic stock and screwed into our aluminum stock system with the two supplied system screws.

Buttstock (not included)
For the buttstock, the MDT SRS-XF folding buttstock and MDT SRS-X-Elite models are available and also the GS-BPC lightweight folding buttstock.

Grip (Not included)
MDT Pistol grip is recommended

Forend (Not included)
For the perfect finish, in addition to the forends of the ESS series from MDT, you can also choose our open top forend of the GS- Open Top.

Thanks to the M-LOK system, both variants can be equipped with a wide range of convenient, customized accessories.
The foreshafts of the ESS series are available in No- Rail and Partial Rail options.
With high scope mounts, the full rail variant can also be used. Details can be clarified by us gladly on request

If an Over Barell silencer is to be used, compatibility must be checked in relation to the barrel length.