Falke LE GEN II Red Dot

Modell: Fal30-0019
Lagerstatus: 2
2 MOA rödpunkt för god precision på långt håll utan att täcka för mycket av målet.
65 MOA ring för att snabb målupptagning.
Tål alla förekommande kalibrar.
Pga sin extremt tåliga konstruktion passar det för krävande miljöer.

If a FALKE LE is removed, it will automatically switch into idle mode after 5 minutes and will activate immediately when reattached.
If the FALKE LE is stored away in a safe while still activated, it will shut off completely after two hours.
When turned back on, the FALKE LE will automatically return to the previously set brightness level.
The brightness control, including several levels for night vision devices, is carried out using a smart button which can also be operated with gloves.
The coated LED lens is similar to the sapphire glass used in high-grade Swiss watches. The lens fits flush to the housing for easy cleaning. This makes it easy to wipe away dirt or raindrops in mere factions of a second, even with gloves.
The patented kill-flash system (included) can dependably be mounted and removed within seconds.