TK Bolt Head & Extractor Pin set Ruger PCC

Modell: TK28N0406BLK1
Lagerstatus: 18
Tandemkross Bolt Head & Extractor Pin set Ruger PC Carbine

High-strength shock-absorbing tool steel for increased reliability

Precision heat-treated for superior wear resistance

Replaces OEM pins with no modifications

Simple installation

Competitors, Professionals, and Second Amendment enthusiasts alike demand that their firearms be reliable and ready for service at a moment’s notice. Maximize your Ruger® PC Carbine’s™ reliability with our shock-absorbing steel bolt head and extractor pin set. These pins are constructed from high-strength shock-absorbing tool steel, and are precision heat-treated for superior wear resistance. They can easily be installed in place of the OEM hardware with no modifications required to the firearm.

Designed for 9mm use only

Supported Models:

Ruger® PC Carbine™

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