TK Barrel Retaining V-Block Ruger®10/22

Modell: TK18N0449RED1
Lagerstatus: -3
Tandemkross Barrel Retaining V-Block for Ruger® 10/22®

55% weight reduction to stock version
Precision cut to maximize barrel rigidity and reduce barrel droop
Improves accuracy and long distance shooting
The TANDEMKROSS Barrel Retaining V-Block replaces the stock part with a precision cut aircraft grade aluminum unit - 55% lighter than the stock stainless version! - A must have for a lightweight build!

The TANDEMKROSS V-Blocks secures the barrel to the receiver with increased stiffness and rigidity, eliminating the barrel droop (or barrel sag) that is commonly seen over time with a stock v-block. The factory V-Block can to pull the barrel down - the [TK] V-Blocks is designed to provide a camming action that applies an upward force vector -the more torque you apply to the V-Block, the more upwards force applied to the barrel. The upgrades v-block assists with free-floating the barrel from the stock. This enhancement alows for better accuracy with more consistent shot placement.

This part will fit virtually any aftermarket receiver and barrel made to stock spec - without any gun-smithing needed.

This part is designed to utilize the stock hardware* or can be paired with the V-Block Screws for Ruger® 10/22® by Rim/Edge