KIDD Weight Tuning Springs

Modell: KD-TWT
Lagerstatus: 3
Use the weight tuning springs to set the desired breaking weight in the 10/22® trigger with our KIDD "Trigger Job" Kit installed and the KIDD Polymer Trigger group. These springs affects both the pull weight and reset weight of the trigger. A stronger spring may be necessary if your trigger is not resetting consistently.

Approximate trigger breaking weight with the installed KIDD "Trigger Job" Kit:

Grey spring 1 3/4 pounds
White spring 2 1/4 pounds
Red spring 2 3/4 pounds
Green spring 3 1/4 pounds
Blue spring 3 3/4 pounds

Please keep in mind that these results are approximates due to the fact that we do not manufacture the factory trigger guards and must be flexible to adjust for some tolerance issues.