MFT - 20 RD Extreme Duty Polymer Mag 7.62 x 51 NATO

Modell: MFT-20EXD762x51
Lagerstatus: 9
Designed for the AR10A/SR25/M110 pattern rifles. Optimized for use with SAAMI-spec 7.62x51/.308 Winchester ammunition. Utilizing new material technology and manufacturing processes for enhanced strength, durability, and reliability to exceed demanding military performance specs.

Next generation long glass fiber polymer.
Enhanced strength & durability.
Ribbed front and rear gripping surface.
Tool-less disassembly with double floor plate safety release tabs.
Long-life stainless steel spring Four-way anti-tilt self-lubricating follower.
Flared floor plate. Oversized bolt catch. Paint pen dot matrix.