MDT LSS-XL Gen2 Carbine Interface

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Increase accuracy and ergonomics of your rifle with our LSS-XL Gen2 chassis system. The LSS-XL Gen2 is a longer and more feature-rich version of our LSS chassis system. The LSS-XL Gen2 has been updated with a bold, modern new look inspired by the popularity of the ESS chassis line, while maintaining and improving upon the overall aesthetic of an MDT chassis.

The LSS-XL Gen2 allows you to convert your bolt action rifle to a highly versatile rifle allowing you to adjust the ergonomics with the use of AR-15 buttstocks and grips, and at the same time converting it to an external box magazine fed rifle. Shoot Better.

The LSS-XL Gen2 comes in a FIXED or CARBINE option depending on buttstock preference.

Howa 1500 / Weatherby Vanguard actions

Only our polymer magazines will work in the short action rifles due to the flat bottom. The long action rifles will work with the metal 3.715" magazines without fitting.

For .223 models the bolt stop prevents the bolt from moving back far enough to pick up the rounds. This can easily be modified by removing the bolt stop and trimming the contact face.

Savage models 10/110 11/111 12/112 16/116

For rifles with the bolt release at the bottom, the bolt release can be engaged through the side of the chassis, using a pin or tool. (Not included)

Savage Long Action in 338 Lapua Magnum

Savage Long Action chassis systems all use 3.715" AICS magazine wells. The BA in 338 Lapua Magnum uses 3.850" magazines and have recently switched to a thicker recoil lug which will not fit our chassis. The ESS has been specifically designed around the current BA 110 in 338 Lapua Magnum.

Tikka T3 - Long Calibers

Only our Metal 3.560 magazine will fit with the chassis for this action and needs to be purchased separately.

Ruger American

The action screw is located directly above the magazine lever. This means that the magazine lever needs to be installed AFTER installing the action into the chassis.

Ruger American in 223/5.56mm requires the use of a magazine with extended feed lips, such as this one: This is to prevent the round from being released before entering the chamber.
Does not work with 300 Blackout

This chassis will also accept the Predator and Ranch versions. Please read the notes above regarding magazines for 223/5.56 rifles.