Looking for a stock replacement for your Remington 700, Savage or Tikka T3 Bolt action rifle, turning it into a tactical and highly accurate system?

Our TAC21 Chassis system for bolt action rifles offers a combination of improved accuracy, superior ergonomics and specialized design allowing use of AR-15 butt-stocks, grips and automatically converts your rifle to an external box magazine fed rifle.

The TAC21 can be installed in 30 - 45 minutes without the need of bedding and has proven results with up to 28% accuracy improvements.

results in more accurate and quicker follow up shots. This also translates to a decrease in felt recoil and increase in comfort.

The TAC21™ chassis system is currently manufactured for the following bolt action rifle platforms:

Remington 700 Short Action (.223 and .308 bolt faces)
Remington 700 Long Action (.300WM, .338LM, 7mm RM, 30.06)
Savage Short Action, Models 10, 11, 12 and 16 (.223 and .308 bolt faces)
Savage Long Action, Models 110, 111, 112 and 116 (.300WM)
Tikka T3 - Short Calibers (.223 and .308 bolt faces)
Tikka T3 - Long Calibers (.300WM, 6.5x55, 7mm RM, 30.06). Requires MDT 3.560 Magazine.
*Please note: For Savage Long Action in 338 Lapua Magnum:
Savage Long Action Chassis Systems all use 3.715" AICS magazine wells. The model 110BA in 338 Lapua Magnum uses 3.850" magazines and have recently switched to a thicker recoil lug which will not fit our TAC21 chassis. We do however have ourESS Chassisavailable for this model.