MDT Scope Ring set - Elite

Our Scope Rings offer a solid, light weight mounting system for your optics. Made from precision-machined aluminum.

Sold in pairs of two.

Our Elite Scope Rings offer a solid, lightweight mounting system for your optics.
Made from precision-machined aluminium, these are available in three diameters;

25.4mm (1")
* The 1” diameter rings use aluminium inserts to reduce the bore diameter of the 30mm rings to 1.”

And four heights (top of rail to center of bore);

Low: 20.8 mm (0.820")
Medium: 25.4mm (1.000”)
High: 31.8 (1.250”)
Extra-High: 38.1mm (1.500”)
Our rings are designed for ultimate precision and strength:

25mm (0.984”) of lateral contact with scope tube
30mm (1.181”) of lateral contact with mounting rail
The main body is machined on an automated seven-axis, high-end CNC machine tool.
Extra wide profile provides extremely stable mounting
The bottom rail interface is machined at the same time as the scope clamp interface, guaranteeing all rings are square and parallel.
CMM checked to 1.5 millionths of an inch precision.
Machined from Billet 7075-T651 Aluminum – 1/3 the weight of steel with similar strength.
Extra thick clamp system will never bend, fatigue, or become loose with use.

Built-in bubble level on medium, high, and extra-high rings (No bubble level on low rings)
Stepped base-to-cap interface allows the fasteners on one side to be tightened before making final scope alignment adjustments
Six oversized #8-32 Grade 8 fasteners used for clamping the scope
Sleek curves blend well into most scopes
MDT Precision Scope Rings are designed and manufactured to STANAG 4694 specification, also known as “NATO spec”. This means the scope ring sits tight to the top of the scope base rail, with pressure being applied to the underside of the angled rail surfaces to maintain a solid interface (as shown below). This design also allows mounting on out-of-spec rails.

By contrast, US MIL-STD-1913 spec mounts attach only to the angles sides of the rail, leaving a small gap between the top of the rail and the underside of the mount, and significantly reducing the amount of contact area between the mount and rail.

Testing performed by NATO has shown that the STANAG attachment method increases the robustness of the interface, leading to increased alignment repeatability. MDT Elite Precision Scope rings can be mounted to scope base rails designed to both the STANAG and MIL-STD specifications.