MDT Pistol Grip Elite

Modell: MDT103419
Lagerstatus: 40
The MDT Pistol Grip consists of a one piece reinforced inside core with a comfortable tactile overmold providing maximum comfort and strength. With integrated palm swells to better fit your hand, the MDT Pistol Grip provides outstanding ergonomics for both right and left handed shooters. The MDT Pistol Grip rubber overmold is lightly textured and grooved to guarantee an anti-slip and solid rifle grip.

Standard AR15 interface
Material: Polymer core with Santoprene tactile overmold
Comfortable palm swell
Available colors: Black
Height: 4.125”
Width: max. 1.5”
Weight: 0.19 lb

The MDT Pistol Grip is compatible with all of our MDT chassis systems for bolt action rifles. You can also upgrade your AR rifle by replacing your current grip with our MDT Pistol Grip.

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