Desert Tech HTI

The Desert Tech HTI - Hard Target Interdiction - is a Sniper Rifle built for specific military requirementsand provides extreme long range accuracy with irrevocable penetration. The Desert Tech HTI is accurate to more than 2000 meters and is convertible between multiple big-bore calibers. The HTI provides extreme distance capabilities in the most compact, accurate and convertible package in the world.

The Bullpup construction method allows the HTI to be perfectly-balanced and 20% shorter and 37% lighter than the M107.

The HTI maintains exceptional accuracy because of its match-grade (free-floated) barrels, chambers and crowns, a high-quality match trigger, and solid return-to-zero barrel mounting system.

The HTI offers four powerful calibers to suit specific mission requirements. Caliber conversions for the HTI take 1 minute and use the same HTI chassis with its free floated barrels and patented return-to-zero barrel mounting system.