Cole-Tac Go-To Shooting Mat + Wings + Padding

Modell: G-T-SM
Lagerstatus: 6
The Go-To Shooting Mat from ColeTAC is the perfect addition to your gear. Made in the EU from water-resistant 1000D Cordura, it comes in a package small enough to fit in your backpack. All hardware used is durable steel, so you know the entire system can withstand severe abuse. Also included with every mat are the sewn-in straps for both left and right-handed shooters to attach the bi-pod keeper strap. The bi-pod keeper strap’s unique system allows you to attach your bi-pod to the mat and load up your rifle, no matter the shooting surface. All corners come with reinforced metal grommets that can be used to secure the mat or to hang it as a cover.

Padded in the front area to protect your elbows. The padding is closed-cell foam to ensure it will not absorb water. In addition the mat has a set of 26 x 53 cm wings sewn into each side to give you that extra space for your arms and other gear.

The Go-To Shooting Mat will enhance your shooting experience for years to come. This is the perfect addition for novice shooters as well as the most experienced shooters who rely on their gear to perform in all conditions.


Material: 1000D coated Cordura nylon

Metal hardware Mil- spec BLACK Color

Padding: 5 mm thick closed cell foam 71 cm x 38 cm

Open Size: 76 cm x 180 cm

Closed Size: 38 cm x ⌀13 cm

Wing size 26 cm x 53 cm

Weight: 0.7 kg