Tandemkross Upriser (Angeled) Chassi Ruger PCC

Trigger finger accessible magazine release

Compatible with virtually all AR Grips, buffer tubes and butt stocks
Comes with optional flared magwell
Includes renowned TANDEMKROSS hiveGrip for the AR-15 platform
Rise above the competition with the TANDEMKROSS “UPRISER” Chassis for the Ruger® PC Carbine®!

The lightweight reinforced polymer “UPRISER” chassis reduces the overall weight and provides a better balance and feel.

Designed with cross-compatibility in mind, the “UPRISER” Chassis will accommodate virtually all AR grips (with or without 'beavertail', for best appearance choose with 'beavertail') and mil-spec buffer tubes/stocks!

The "UPRISER" package includes:
Extended magazine release
Flared magwell (hardware included)
Stock and grip adapter
Dowel pin
"hiveGrip" for AR-15 (OPTIONAL)

Trigger finger extended mag release:

Don’t skip a beat! The unique trigger finger actuated magazine release allows for quick and intuitive magazine release. Simply lift your finger off the trigger and press the release for fast and reliable mag changes.

Flared magwell:
The wide, flared and beveled design guides the magazine directly into your magwell, for faster and consistent mag changes.

Angled Stock and grip adapter:
The Stock and Grip Adapter is angled at a 12 degree pitch. This is a perfect choice for red dot optics as the design allows for use of a wider assortment of sights. When shouldering the rifle, the sight picture is closer to the bore axis which allows use of an RMR, scope, or red dot without a riser. This creates a comfortable and ergonomic cheek weld, which will result in quick and natural sight acquisition.

Optional "hiveGrip" for AR-15:
Defined, ergonomic finger grooves improve hand placement for more accurate, controlled shooting, while the slim, low-profile design ensures an ideal fit for any user. Made from patented impact- and vibration-dampening material, these "hiveGrips" are an ideal upgrade for any AR-15. Designed with a hollow grip, the "hiveGrip" for AR-15 includes a removable O-ring sealed bottom to provide water resistant storage space for tools, extra rounds, or survival items.