TK Replacement Sear Spring - PC Carbine (3-Pack)

Modell: TK-4928N0292SSL1
Lagerstatus: 17
At a glance:

Product specs match factory spring for best fit

Replacement part for easy maintenance

Simple, drop-in part

When you’re training or competing in a shooting sports competition, the last thing you want is for broken or missing springs to slow you down. Ensure you always have the replacement parts you need for your Ruger® PC Carbine™ maintenance with the latest replacement spring from TANDEMKROSS.

These Ruger® PCC Replacement Sear Springs are sold in a 3-pack, allowing you to stock up and always have the spring you need in your gun bag or workshop. The PCC sear springs match factory specs for the best possible fit in your PC Carbine™ and are a simple, drop-in part.

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