TK Upgraded Receiver "KrossPins" Ruger PCC

Modell: TK28N0331SSL1
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This (2-Pack) includes:

Upgraded pins won’t fall out when working on your rifle

A steel pin is highly durable

Spring-loaded ball detent holds pin in place securely, installs easily

If you’ve upgraded your Ruger® PC Carbine™ with aftermarket parts and taken apart your trigger housing sub-assembly, it’s likely you’ve experienced just how easily the receiver cross pins can fall out of the sub-assembly. It’s easy to lose these important pins while working on your gun - a loss that can easily derail a day at the range or even firearms competition while you wait for replacement parts.

Put a stop to lost receiver cross pins with the new upgraded PC Carbine™ "KrossPins" from TANDEMKROSS. These upgraded galvanized steel pins are highly durable and feature a spring-loaded ball detent that holds the pins securely in place inside the sub-assembly but still allow for easy insertion and removal for working on your rifle.

These upgraded PC Carbine™ receiver cross pins are a must-have for any Ruger® PC Carbine™owner who loves to work on and upgrade their gun! Put a stop to missing pins and make firearms maintenance easier. Stock up now!

Supported Models:

Ruger® PC Carbine™

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