TK Eagle’s Talon Extractor Ruger PCC

Modell: TK28N0402BLK1
Lagerstatus: 6
“Eagle’s Talon” Extractor for Ruger® PC Carbine™
Highest Grade Tool Steel
Designed for optimal impact and wear resistance
Easily installed in place of OEM component with no other modifications required to the firearm
The TANDEMKROSS "Eagle's Talon" Extractor is a much needed reliability upgrade that replaces the stamped factory provided extractor. Often the factory extractor won't maintain a secure enough hold on the spent casing as the pistol is cycling and will case stove-pipes and failures-to-eject malfunctions. Luckily with this simple to install and affordable upgrade, you can greatly improve the reliability of your firearm!

Eliminate your frustrations at the range and during speed shooting competitions with the “Eagle’s Talon” Extractor for Ruger® PC Carbine™

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