TK Disconnector Ruger 10/22

Tandemkross Disconnector för Ruger® 10/22®

Made of hardened tool steel for durability

Optimal sear/disconnector interface

Lifetime guarantee!

We are excited to offer the new TANDEMKROSS Disconnector for America's favorite rifle!

Our new Disconnector for Ruger® 10/22® is machined from hardened tool steel replaces the factory part for superior performance and a long lasting durability. This machining process enables a superior surface finish where it interfaces with sear, resulting in optimal repeatability.

The improved disconnector will reduce friction of the disconnector & sear engagement; improving the overall performance and reliability of the fire control system.

*Compatible with standard polymer trigger housing -
Will Not the accommodate the RUGER BX*

*Please note* disconnector will not reduce trigger pull weight