TK "Advantage" Charging Handle Scope Base 10/22

TK "Advantage" Charging Handle Picatinny Scope Base 10/22Allows left AND right handed charging/clearing
Picatinny - mounts virtually any optic
Fits any standard Ruger® 10/22® or Charger™
No gunsmithing required (uses standard screws)
The "ADVANTAGE" Charging Handle has been given a makeover, to feature a lower to bore axis, reducing the overall height of the optic to the receiver! The precision machined picatinny rail provides Ruger® 10/22® owners with a serious “Advantage”. In addition to mounting virtually any optic it also features a unique left sided charging handle that actuates but never interferes with the right sided charging handle. This allows shooters, plinkers and competitors alike, to clear jams or charge the gun without ever losing trigger and stock position.

Turn the tables and get your Advantage today!