Holosun Flippskydd - Glas

Holosun Flippskydd - Glas till HS515 och 503CU / 503GU

Small, rear glass flip-back to protect your sight against dust and dirt

The Holosun glass flip cap (small) for the eyepiece is quick and easy to use and protects the optic of your reflex sight reliably. The flipping direction of the cap can be freely selected due to 360 degrees rotation. A spring is installed in this dust cover in order to press it onto the housing of the sight in open state, which will always grant you a clear view. The dust cover can simply be slided on the back optic opening of your sight. The glass flip-back (small) is compatible with the HOLOSUN HS515, 503CU/GU

easy to use
robust & light
made of light and resistant PP
reliable protection of the optics of the sight from dust
fast installation with adapter ring with thread