TK "Guardian" Bolt Release Plate 10/22

Modell: TK18N0037BLK1
Lagerstatus: 0
Allows simple and automatic release of the bolt mechanism
Black Oxide finish for super tough durability
Drop in part: easy to install

The 10/22® is a legendary rifle but just like any other gun, it has its own annoyances. Releasing the bolt on a factory original Ruger® 10/22® requires the operator to manipulate the bolt lock with one hand while releasing the bolt with the other.

The TANDEMKROSS "Guardian" Bolt Release Plate eliminates this manual and tedious step. Once installed it enables the operator to release the bolt in an intuitive way by pulling back slightly on the bolt handle and the bolt simply releases. This part is a must have for any serious 10/22® owner.

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